Deborah Cook

My six year old grandson took all of Jenn’s after school program that were offered and loved every minute! Thursday’s were the highlight of his week because he got to have over an hour to do what he called “real art”. Jenn’s encouragement allowed him the freedom to experiment with many different mediums. Many of the items created were amazingly sophisticated.

The Hallins

Both of my girls have attended Jenn's art classes, for multiple sessions, and with each session they gain a deeper understanding of the artistic process and are continually improving their skills.  The best part, though, is that they have a really fun time doing it.  Having my daughter's be able to express their creativity in a fun, supportive, and exciting environment is something I don't take for granted and am thankful that Ms. Jenn has provided that for them.

The Bogrens

Art classes with Jenn are the best! My daughter begs me to sign her up. Jenn is so creative and does so many fun projects. My daughter would come home with new projects almost every week and I would say every time, shocked, “you did this?”. Jenn guides and inspires her students to create real masterpieces. It’s truly incredible to see what they can produce. We even have a few pieces framed in our house.